The news just keeps coming in regarding this, it looks like Walmart is indeed selling the HTC Sensation 4G early for the low price just mentioned of $148.88 to a lucky few. We are seeing reports of this now from others as well but we have some pictures from one of our lucky readers that purcahsed two in Texas.

One of our readers Mdboze was lucky enough to get two Sensation 4G’s for this low price. The manager even checked “the system” to make sure they were ok to start selling today and apparently got the okay. So he quickly purchased two of them and was nice enough to send us the hint. Check it out:

If you have been waiting for the HTC Sensation 4G I think now is the time to run down to your nearest Walmart and give it a shot, I think I’ll be doing the same in a few minutes. We are not sure if they are selling on-contract only or if they will sell them outright for full price as well. More details will be coming shortly as we dig deep.

Thanks again Mdboze!