Oh Snap! You guys better hurry because this deal wont last long. It will either sell out or you might not make it in time. T-Mobile is doing another one of those web-only deals like we mentioned earlier in the week. You can get the brand new all knowing and all powerful HTC Sensation 4G with that dual-core 1.2 Ghz processor and qHD 4.3″ display for FREE from T-Mobile.

They are also offering the myTouch 4G for free as well, it is a great phone but the Sensation is on another level so I’d aim for that personally. Both the HTC Sensation and the myTouch 4G will be free on T-Mobile via the WEB ONLY and it will end tonight at 3:00 AM PT. You must sign a new 2-year contract or open a new line to be eligible for the free phones.

We have seen these deals before so you should all understand by now how it works, but if not here are the details right from T-Mobile.com

To qualify for the instant and Web-only discounts, you must activate the product on a new line of service with an Even More™ rate plan on a two-year service agreement. Even More™ Family Plans may qualify for up to five instant discounts.

The end they mention Family plans qualify for up to five instant discounts. If anyone was thinking of getting a new family plan for the entire family and kids for summer this would be a great moment to do so. Hurry on to T-Mobile.com or click the source below to get directed instantly to the freebies.

[via T-Mobile]