The HTC Scribble app has been on the HTC One Max since last year but it’s only now the app was officially released on Google Play Store. This means there is a possibility that the app will come to other HTC smartphones soon.

HTC Scribble app allows digital scrapbooking in more fun ways. Those who like to edit photos to make them interesting and awww-worthy will find this very useful before sharing on social network. It features ready-to-use templates. Feeling artsy? Combine your photos in one page, write a caption, or draw an illustration. Get artistic and just scribble on an image. To give it more life, you can even add animated GIFs or your HTC Zoe images. You can even make e-greeting cards with the HTC Scribble. Create a card and link it to your calendar so you won’t forget a friend’s birthday coming up.

The HTC Scribble is also useful for serious tasks. You can track your budget or create a list of your To-Do’s on the app. It teaches you to be creative and refine illustrations with the use of a special capacitive stylus pen, which you need to buy separately. And for a more personal touch, you can use your own handwriting to write on images.

The app is available for free download but unfortunately, only the original HTC One Max can run the program, at least, for now. It may come to the HTC One M8 and other devices from HTC. We’ll let you know soon.

Download HTC Scribble from the Google Play Store.