Sales figures for the highly popular HTC have came out again and I feel like just saying what we have the last three times — They have gone up, and have gone up fast. HTC has continued to not only beat previous sales records but it looks like they are more than doubling up each year as well. I think they might owe a small piece of that success completely to Android, and when I say small I mean most of it.

Sales numbers surrounding April and May of this year as well as comparisons to last year show that HTC has more than doubled its sales numbers. HTC just reported that May sales reached $1.42 Billion in consolidated sales beating Aprils number of $1.35 Billion and blowing way past May of 2010’s consolidated numbers of $657 million. Things are looking pretty good from the HTC side of the road.

With huge devices selling last month including the Thunderbolt, Incredible S, Desire S, Inspire 4G and even the Windows HD7 we can say with confidence that these numbers are only going to get bigger when the HTC Sensation 4G and the EVO 3D start selling like hot cakes, not to mention the Flyer and View 4G tablet.

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