We have some more odd news this evening regarding the folks from Facebook and HTC. After releasing a pair of phones with dedicated Facebook buttons, it looks like they are at it again. We’ve heard rumors of an official “Facebook Phone” for months and months, and some called HTC’s ChaCha and Salsa just that. Now those reports (or rumors) are rearing up again, although I wish they wouldn’t.

The highly credible folks from Bloomberg West have just tweeted that HTC will be working on a smartphone for Facebook, and that we can expect it to arrive in 2013. If you saw our HTC ChaCha or Salsa reviews, you’d know those were nothing special. Hopefully this time around they can get it right.

I’m still asking myself the same question I did last year. Why the heck would you want a Facebook phone? Isn’t it in our lives enough as it is? I guess some people really enjoy the idea, or at least Facebook thinks so. Obviously we have no official word from Facebook or from HTC, and most likely it will stay that way. There is no other details at this time but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more Facebook Phone news in the coming weeks.

[via The Verge]


  1. I truthfully don’t think it should really bother anybody who doesn’t want it. Who cares if they make it, most people use their phone for some serious facebookin anyway. Basically this just does the same thing but shows off the name. Not for me but someone will scarf it up.


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