The folks HTC have been on a roll lately regarding updates for older devices. We’ve been seeing multiple HTC smartphones get updates, and today can confirm a few over on Verizon Wireless will soon see OTA updates too. Both the HTC Rezound and the DROID Incredible 2 have what HTC calls a “device enhancement” software improvement that should be arriving soon.

According to Droid-Life, Verizon posted up the details and changelog information for both smartphones this weekend. Which means the updates will probably land before the end of the week. Usually Verizon posts update details on their support pages full of information, but these only list “HTC Device Enhancement” for what’s new. So we don’t have any details really.

While Rezound owners are still patiently awaiting an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and the Incredible 2 probably won’t see any future OS updates, we’d still like to know what’s new here. The Incredible 2 update is quite large coming in at over 32MB in size, and will most likely have a few bug fixes and security updates. On the other hand the Rezound update is minimal and probably only security patches of some sort.


All the details can be found here for the Rezound, and here for the Incredible 2. These don’t look to be any more than a few bugs and improvements and we don’t anticipate any new features worth mentioning. Either way be on the lookout for an update and drop us a comment when it shows up. Enjoy!