HTC continues their slide in Q4 2013, as they reported a loss once again. This time, there is hope for the ailing handset maker. With the sale of their stake in Beats, HTC is back top posting positive numbers. Aside from turning the corner on Beats, they may also be in better shape overall.

For Q4 2013, HTC posted an operating loss of about $52 million. Compared to Q3 2013, where they posted a loss of about $100 million, they’re on a more positive note. Couple that diminished loss with their sale of Beats, HTC is back to earning once again… this time posting net earnings of $10.3 million.

While any kind of loss is never positive, even when offset by net earnings, at least it’s not the downward spiral we’ve been watching. HTC has done a good job of turning it around, releasing variants of the One to various markets around the world. Dropping Beats was another way to jettison unwanted — and unnecessary — weight. Of course, the Taiwanese OEM is not in the clear just yet.

They have been sued successfully by Nokia, and high level executives have been departing rather quickly. Though CEO Peter Chou has promised to take on a more central role, and Chairwoman Cher Wang has also become more involved, more needs to happen. We like the One, and hope the One Two will bring added success, but HTC really needs a bit more to entice us back to their fold. If anyone can dig themselves form the pit of despair, though, it’s HTC.
VIA: SlashGear