Lately HTC has been getting some more grief from the development and Facebook communities and another campaign was recently launched demanding they release the source code for many of their popular devices. The main ones being asked for in this online stampede over on Facebook were for newer devices like the EVO 3D or the Sensation and even the EVO 4G just to name a few but that didn’t happen. Instead HTC released the source code for a few other not as popular devices to at least show progress.

They have released a lot of things over at the HTC Developer Center, but source codes for the big devices are still hard to come by. The original EVO 4G is one of those still yet to be released. EVO 4G updates are listed, but not kernel source codes. Open GPL requirements say they need to release these but most OEM’s are very slow to actually do it.

This doesn’t mean much for the average user, but for kernel and ROM builders this is exactly what they need. It’s like their TrueBlood, once they have it they are good to go. Having the kernel source code allows developers to enhance performance, build great overclocking kernels, ROMs and more. It can also help them port something like the HTC Flyer ROM over to other tablets like the G-Tablet or even a NOOKcolor.

Most of our HTC bootloaders are still locked but at least HTC is starting to release more of the kernel source codes. Lets just hope they don’t take as long on their recent devices as they have on the EVO 4G because its devs are still waiting on HTC regarding that. For all the details and the downloads head over to the source link below.

[via HTC Developer Center]