Earlier today we saw news about HTC extending the end date for the One smartphone trade-in program. While that has since been extended until May 19, 2013, it now looks like HTC is doing something a bit extra this coming weekend. The ‘One phone, One weekend, One premium upgrade’ promo kicks off on May 2nd and is promising a trade-in up to $375.

On the flip side, HTC will still be offering the $100 guarantee. This offer will run through May 5th. Similar to the regular trade-in program you will need to buy an HTC One. In this case, that purchase needs to be made between May 2 and May 5. Once the purchase has been made you then go to the trade-in website and use HTC100 as a promo code.

From here you then have until May 31st to print your shipping label. The actual mailing of the old device needs to be done by June 15th. The actual trade-in values will vary depending on the handset. Some of the examples include the BlackBerry Curve and Bold as allowing for the $100 minimum. On the high-end you have the iPhone 5 which will give you up to $375 depending on the amount of storage.

Those with a Galaxy S III are looking at somewhere between $130 on the low-end and $210 on the high-end. Some other Android handset examples include the Droid RAZR which will get you somewhere between $100 and $184 and the Optimus 4X HD which will get you $150. Bottom line here, while the HTC One trade-in program has already been extended, those who are considering an HTC One, this weekend may be a good time to check the value of your trade-in device as it may give you more than $100.

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