If you’re planning to buy an HTC device in the near future and you’re one of those persons who is paranoid about your gadget being hacked someday, then you’ll be secure in the knowledge that the OEM has now partnered with Keeper Security, one of the more popular password management apps out there. Selected smartphones will have the app pre-installed and integrated with the device to give you the opportunity to make your apps and information more secure.

The app will generate secure and not so easy to guess passwords and will also autofill your login credentials not just on apps but also websites you regularly browse. They created an app that will have an intuitive interface so it won’t be a chore to store your password and credentials. The first time you’ll use the app is when you reach a website or app that has a login screen. Your device will prompt you to sign up for Keeper if you haven’t yet. There is a “snackbar” on the login screen and when you click it, you’ll be able to activate your Keeper account.

HTC searched and researched through all the password management apps out there like 1Password, LastPass, etc, but eventually ended up with Keeper, which claims it is the “most downloaded password manager and digital vault.” They chose Keeper because its security is superior to their competitors, it has more features and it has an in-depth experience with the other OEMs and mobile operators they’re working with.

HTC didn’t specify which of their devices will be getting Keeper integrated with it except to say that it will be on selected devices and that it will be later this year.

SOURCE: Keeper