What’s more premium than premium? Well, considering that the HTC One M8 is probably the best Android phone you can get out there (OnePlus One users might argue that, but nevertheless), a limited edition offer on HTC’s flagship might be the only improvement you can get barring a next-gen upgrade. So HTC gives you a limited editiom HTC One M8, with which it worked with Singapore-based art studio PHUNK to give it an… err, funky look.

PHUNK is HTC’s first partner for the “Here’s to Creativity” campaign they’re running this year. The plan will be to partner with studios such as PHUNK to give its handsets a sort of artsy creative theme. For the One M8, PHUNK is going with “Wonderment” as the theme. This now reflected in the laser-etched art design on the premium metal back of the One M8. Behold.


No doubt about it, the design is an enhancement to an already premium-feel phone like the One M8. To partner your new back design, PHUNK also rolled out a couple of wallpapers to match. No sense in having a great design on the back and put your favorite LOLcat wallpaper upfront, right?

So how do we get one? Not easily, wethinks. HTC reveals that there are only 64 of these babies created, hence the “limited edition” tag. From what it looks like, they might be given out as prizes for contests that HTC will be running. You may want to keep an eye out for those online ads that point to an HTC contest, because you might just be bringing home one of these funky HTC One M8’s.

VIA: SlashGear