Today we have some interesting news for all you HTC One X owners on AT&T. Since nearly every other One X has already received the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, we know you’re all patiently waiting for it to arrive. This morning AT&T finally announced the update was coming, and not soon, but actually arriving on handsets today. However, that official blog post has since been removed from the AT&T website.

Update: It’s back! The update should roll out today so start checking for updates. Here’s the changelog.

In the official blog post from AT&T this morning regarding the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X, they mentioned plenty of the usual new features as well as some additional things we can expect to enjoy. Obviously Jelly Bean brings Project Butter smoothness to the OS, but you’ll also enjoy expandable notifications with more details, as well as the amazing Google Now voice search features.

Then they went into details regarding users still enjoying HTC Sense UI 4 on the device, but there’s a few new features for the handset. There’s a countdown timer for the camera, ISIS Mobile payments (think Google Wallet) has been added, as well as some AT&T bloatware like AT&T Locker, Messenger and a few others.

Sadly after heading back to AT&T right now they’ve completely removed that blog post. So either some last minute changes have been made, they pulled the update, or this blog post and news was released early. However, it clearly mentioned March 7th, so we’re not exactly sure at the moment. At this point we know the update should arrive soonish, but we’ll report back when we hear or see more.

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