We’ve been drooling over the newly-christened HTC One X (formerly the Endeavor and/or Edge) for months now, due in no small part to its ultra high-end rumored specifications. Paul “Modaco” O’Brien has got a mostly complete list of specifications from a tipster, including all the nitty gritty details you’ve been wondering about. First of all, the shiniest jewel in the One X’s crown is a quad-core Tegra 3 processor from Nvidia, which should help the phone rocket to the top of the speed charts if nothing else. The Tegra 3 runs at 1.5Ghz, and is supplimented with a full gigabyte of RAM.

The screen was previously rumored to be of the AMOLED variety, but Modaco claims that it’ll be coming in a Super LCD version instead .That seems a little dubious, since the current US flagship the Rezound uses an AMOLED screen. The panel is a massive 4.7 inches and has a full 720p resolution. 32GB of storage space will have to do – there’s no MicroSD card slot at all. On the plus side, HTC has implemented a standard USB Mass Storage mode, in stark contrast to the Galaxy Nexus’ MTP-only file transfer system. The One X runs Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC’s custom Sense UI, now in its 4.0 form.

Elsewhere you get an 8MP 1080p rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, an 1800mAh battery (which may or may not be removable), an NFC chip and FM radio capability. Standard HSPA+ (international version) is complimented with WiFi a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4. The reportedly slim body hasn’t got full dimensions yet, but it will have Nexus One/Galaxy Nexus-style electrical contacts, for easy insertion and charging on a desktop or car dock.

As far as buttons go, the One X will have only the power and volume rocker. Contradicting the leaked photos, HTC will be using virtual navigation buttons, at least according to the leak. Beats Audio and Beats-branded accessories are a given.  We’ll almost certainly see the HTC One X/Endeavor/Edge at Mobile World Congress, where HTC has a pre-show event scheduled for February 26th. Android Community will be there to bring you all the news.


  1. Htc has another phone that has leaked which has specs so high that it not only puts the one in this article to shame, but totally smashes every other phone to be released in the near future! If i listed the specs you wouldn’t believe me so google ‘htc orion’ and see for yourself!


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