What happens when you drop one of the hottest new phones on the market? You get what we have all experienced at some time or another, that feeling of dread that your pretty new toy has a scratch or worse, a broken screen. Face it, no matter how hard you try to baby your phone it is going to happen, so maybe this will give you some incentive to be even more cautious with your treasure.

The video shows how tough the shell of the HTC One X is as it only shows some dings and scratches after the first two drops, the scars of a real life phone. What is also shows is how you no longer have to piece your phone together after you go scrambling for the parts when it does fall. This seems to be the growing trend in phones, the one piece back with non removable batteries.

Spoiler alert, the third and final test may make you think harder about getting that expensive phone case, especially if you are prone to the effects of gravity. So, watch if you dare or you happen to like seeing bad things happen to good equipment. Check out our recent review of the HTC One X and let us know if you plan on picking one up!

[via htcpedia]