HTC and their new One series of smartphones are going to make a big splash in the Android market over the next couple of months. With excellent hardware, impressive specs, Android 4.0 ICS and a brand new Sense UI they are looking good. We already know the One X quad-core phone is slated for an April release but now that it’s passed through the FCC it’s only a matter of time.

We waited for this phone after tons of leaks about the HTC Edge and Endeavor were leaked, HTC’s first quad-core phone. At Mobile World Congress it was officially announced and we quickly got some hands-on video with it (linked to below). There will also be an HTC One XL that hits AT&T with 4G LTE and a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor instead of the quad-core Tegra 3 — but the quad-core version is what has passed through the FCC.

For now the only announcement in the US for the HTC One X is the dual-core version over on AT&T. Hopefully now that it’s been certified by the FCC with the quad-core in tow we will learn more details on its fate. I’m hoping for a release by T-Mobile or over on Verizon. Will you be buying the HTC One X? You could always import the quad-core version and run it with AT&T’s 3G and HSPA+ bands if you’d like.

All the details on the new One series, and the new available for pre-order docks and accessories are below. Enjoy!

[device id=2318]

[via PocketNow]


  1. Sorry I can’t get excited about a device with no card slot, a non-removeable 1800mAh battery and, if the pictures on the net today are to be believed, less than spectacular camera capability.

  2. Unless a version comes to sprint why even bother getting my hopes up?? I like it but owell not will never switch to at@t just to be ripped off ….

  3. Didn’t it just get approved like the Original Note did? For importing purposes or something? It’s CDMA so it’s not possible for a Verizon release.


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