Well that’s just a bummer. Recently it appears that team HTC has decided not to lower the price of their new handset, but actually increase it. The fully unlocked HTC One over on the HTC store went up in price this week from $574.99 to $600. There’s no official word as to why we are seeing a price hike, but we have a few ideas as to why.

With HTC having some extremely stiff competition from the folks at Samsung and their GALAXY S 4, you’d think they’d be lowering the price at any and all costs, not raising it. As Droid-Life states, this could very well be an answer to the recently announced $599 price of the Nexus edition vanilla HTC One that’s coming to market later this month.

It wouldn’t make much sense for HTC to offer their regular One smartphone with all its amazing features for less than the inferior in their eyes (depending on if you like stock Android) Nexus experience model being offered on the Play Store for $599. So that’s probably the reasoning here, but really, we don’t know why.

As a reminder, the unlocked HTC One does come with 32GB of internal storage, and of course is completely unlocked for buyers to do as they please with the smartphone. Which makes sense for the small premium you’ll be paying. So now that they are even. Would you go with the unlocked HTC One covered in Sense UI, or the stock Nexus experience model hitting the Play Store later this month? Let us know!



  1. I noticed this last week and emailed HTC about it, and received the following response: “The original price was an introductory offer for the unlocked version of the new HTC One. The current price of $599.99 is the standard sale price and is very competitive in the market. It’s still a great value for the award-winning smart phone!”


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