HTC has had several trade-up offers available for the One smartphone in recent months and it looks like they have since launched another. Except unlike the previous trade-up offers, this one is limited to a specific carrier. That carrier is T-Mobile but it should be made clear that this is only available for a very limited amount of time.

Details coming from HTC show the One will have to be purchased from T-Mobile no later than June 9th. For those without a calendar handy, that is this coming Sunday. That being said, aside from purchasing the One with T-Mobile you will then have to visit the HTC website to create and save a quote. From here you then have a bit of time to wrap up the remaining step.

That final step involves mailing in your trade-in device with proof of purchase for your One. You have until June 30th to complete this step. Otherwise, this offer will get you up to $300 depending on the handset you are trading. For those worried, you will get a guaranteed minimum of $100, which means that if nothing else, your initial downpayment will be covered.


Remember, T-Mobile has the HTC One priced with a downpayment of $99.99 and then 24 additional monthly payments of $20. Bottom line here, assuming you have a handset to trade and had been considering picking up an HTC One with T-Mobile — now seems like as good a time as any to move forward with a purchase.

Otherwise, aside from the purchase of the handset, T-Mobile now has the Simple Choice plan available which begins at $50 per month. That price point is for an individual account and includes unlimited talk, text and data as well as 500MB of high-speed data. In addition, those looking for extra high-speed data have the option to add 2GB for $10 per month or Unlimited for $20 per month.

VIA: phoneArena