In case you haven’t been following the official HTC Twitter account, they’ve been posting up teaser images for their upcoming Android smartphone for weeks. The HTC One (previously called the M7) will be unveiled and announced to the world tomorrow at their event, and we’ll be there live. However a teaser image posted today by @HTC could also be teasing a tablet is in the works too.

After posting multiple teaser images this morning and afternoon hinting at the February 19th date for the announcement, the last photo shows tons of devices hidden under a black cloth. The image above is their last image, and if you see it the way we and many others are, it appears they’re teasing a tablet of some sort. This is all speculation, but all the others are shaped like a phone, while the one on the left is shaped more like a 7 or 10-inch tablet.

The folks from 9to5Google noticed the odd shape, and have a feeling HTC will also be announcing a new tablet. Last year HTC bailed on their tablet aspirations, but maybe they’re getting ready to try it again. Quietly Brilliant? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

So what do you guys think? Take a look at the unedited picture right here. Personally we’re thinking this will just be a wireless charger for their HTC One, and not some tablet — but that’s just our thoughts. Others are speculating a Ubuntu OS tablet, but that’s pretty doubtful considering that OS isn’t anywhere near where Android is, and HTC doesn’t need to be taking risks at the moment. Let us know what you think below. Are you excited for the HTC One and possibly a new HTC tablet?

[via @HTC]


  1. If you notice that the the product under each cloth seems progressively bigger from left to right. You will see next to the one that you marked looks even bigger. Then the next one looks like a bar… Maybe that’s the charging pad


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