If you happen to live in central Europe, in one of those countries where the language has about three times as many consonants as it really needs, then you’ll soon be able to pick up one one of HTC’s shiny new consonant-themed smartphones. The HTC One X, One S and One V have been given proper release notes in Austria, Germany and Switzerland: all of them will be available unlocked starting on Monday, April 2nd. The One X will be €599 (about $795 or £500) The One S will be €499 ($663) and the One V will be €299 ($397).

The report comes from The Unwired and is confirmed by the German arm of carrier O2, which says that it will begin carrying both the One X and One S next week. As usual with European phone releases, the three smartphones will all be SIM agnostic and should work on any HSPA+ carrier network. The early April release approximately matches HTC’s debut schedule for the UK and elsewhere, though not all regions have been confirmed to get all phones.

On our side of the pond, AT&T is getting the One X (in an LTE variant with a Snapdragon processor instead of the NVIDIA Tegra 3) while T-Mobile takes the One S, and various regional carriers have dibs on the One V. None of the carriers have confirmed when customers can pick them up or for how much, though both seems pretty set for an early summer release. Gadget hounds can always import any of the phones for use on AT&T (or Canadian carriers, though Rogers is getting its own version) if they don’t feel like waiting and/or signing a contract.

[via Engadget]