C Spire Wireless has become the latest US carrier to announce the HTC One. The one catch as of now, the carrier has revealed little in terms of detail aside from the fact that the handset will be coming. Basically, C Spire Wireless has chosen to keep the release date and the price a secret for now.

The details were posted in the C Spire Circle discussion forums where they mentioned that “the new HTC One is coming to C Spire.” Otherwise, the only other bit released today was how they intend to “share more details in the near future.” Otherwise, C Spire Wireless appears to have a growing lineup of quality handsets.

There are some older model handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S II (for $59.99) as well as the Motorola PHOTON Q 3G for $9.99. Of course, looking at some higher-end devices and the carrier also has the Galaxy S III which sits priced at $79.99. Keep in mind, all of these prices assume a two-year agreement.

Another recent announcement from C Spire was for the GALAXY S 4. This handset is only available for pre-order at the moment, however we have seen that it is priced the same as with other carriers. Basically, that is to say the GALAXY S 4 is available for $199.99 on a two-year agreement. And while it is hard to speculate on the pricing for the HTC One, the GALAXY S 4 pricing does seem to imply it will mirror other carriers.

The HTC One that is released by C Spire will carry the same specs as we have already become familiar with which means a 4.7-inch Full HD display with Jelly Bean and the HTC Sense user interface. Not to mention the HTC specific features such as BoomSound, BlinkFeed and Zoe. All said and done, it now seems like the bigger question will be seeing who will have the One available first — C Spire Wireless or Verizon Wireless.



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