Starting today, the HTC One mini will be available on Rogers in Canada. The smaller offering for the One flagship line from HTC can be had for C$99.99 with a two year agreement. For this not into contracted plans, the device will be C$399.99 when you go month-to-month.

While the One mini looks like the flagship One, it’s got little else in common. The screen is a bit smaller, and the resolution is a touch weaker. The mini doesn’t have as much RAM, or memory, nor does it pack the processing power of the larger device. the camera is still the Ultrapixel offering from the One, but the OIS is missing this time around.

For what it is, the form factor is a bit more appealing to many users. The price is also really fair those without a contract, with many devices of it’s ilk costing upwards of $500-$600. It’s also a GSM device, so international usage is a bit more approachable.

You’ll also get the updated Sense 5.5 with the One mini, but Android 4.2.2 — for now. HTC has vowed updates for the One within 90 days of the android 4.4 announcement, but the mini and Max variants go wanting. HTC says more information is coming, but has yet to release a timeline for updating those devices.