This week looks like a cat fight between Samsung and HTC – with rumors being tipped left and right. The heat of the competition is seen in tech news as MWC approaches quickly. As Samsung brings on Lee Don-tae to take over Design team, we see images of the new One M9 sprouting around on the web. HTC does have some leverage with leaked photos of what could possibly be the new One M9. A picture leaked via Twitter today, comparing the current flagship One M8 to the new One M9 laying side by side.

At first you’re probably thinking – that looks exactly the same as the One M8. It probably is the same, but viewed at a different angle with some photoshop edits. If this was the new deal though, HTC has made some nice upgrades to their new flagship. This new HTC smartphone appears to keep the metal chassis, large screen, and dual rocking front speakers.

The image of the new One M9 shows a thinner border around the display screen. Next to the front facing camera is the proximity sensor which is enlarged as well. If you look closer and compare, the new dual front speakers seem to be a little more subtle and fine in terms of design.

The leaked photo of the phones side by side come from a familiar source that we recognize, but still we’re not easily convinced. As the days grow closer to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, we’re only left waiting and looking forward to see what HTC announces.

SOURCE: @Steve Hemmerstoffer