An update to the HTC One (M8) with Verizon is trickling out, providing a few fixes and improvements to an already great handset. Though an overall minor update, it does fix a few issues some have been having, like Bluetooth connectivity and problems with the Gallery.


Bluetooth connectivity on the HTC One (M8) was a bit of an issue for some, with connections being dropped without provocation (we’ll note we haven’t experienced the issue with our Ones). Other issues with Bluetooth on the One had to do with initial connections — again, something we never experienced.

Verizon and HTC have also added a ‘copy and paste’ feature to the Gallery, which is a minor annoyance we’ve had with the device. Introducing mute/edit buttons in highlights is also nice, and adds a layer of customization we can all appreciate. If you have a Dot View cover, HTC has fixed a sync issue when closing it.

The update doesn’t bring HTC’s “Extreme Power Saving” mode, as expected. The device has adequate battery performance, but lacks one of the killer features touted at launch. We’re hoping it rolls in as a separate app, but we don’t have any indication as to when we’ll see it. The update should push to your device and alert you via a banner on the home screen, but if it doesn’t — go to settings > software update > check new.