Canadian HTC One (M8) owners are getting an update many have been waiting for. The newest flagship from HTC will be getting the power saving mode, as well as some camera updates, but only in Canada. This info comes by way of screenshots which shows the update is currently hitting devices.


Extreme Power Saving mode was one of the features HTC left out at the launch of the device. For many, it was the more attractive feature, aiming to increase battery life by as much as 40%. By hamstringing your background applications, Extreme Power Saving mode could end up allowing you to go days between charges.

The change-log for the update notes camera and gallery enhancements as well. Gallery is a feature that has been broken from the main OS, so we’re not sure what’s being done there. The camera upgrade doesn’t list any specific tweaks, so we’re not sure what’s been altered.

If you’re in Canada, be on the lookout for the update. The new software brings the build to 1.55.631.4, but has no bearing on Android (still 4.4.2) or Sense (6.0). If you’re looking for more news about the new HTC One (M8), be sure to check our tag for all the latest! If you’re in Canada, please feel free to reach out and let us know what’s changed with your device.


Source: Mobile Syrup