HTC has an event taking place in New York City this morning. We are expecting to see the HTC One (M8), which to date — has been the subject of countless leaks. Based on that we think we have a good idea of what can be expected, but as always, we are hoping there is still some room left for surprise.

We plan on covering every possible aspect of the HTC One (M8) announcement throughout the day, however we do need to remind everyone about the live stream. Not only is HTC holding the event in NYC — they are also live streaming it for everyone to watch. You’ll be able to find the stream on the HTC website.

We have roughly an hour to go before the announcement begins, and in the meantime we have been seeing some last minute leaks and reveals. Some apps have been appearing in the Play Store, and some of those have brought mention of a Google Play edition of the One.

It seems likely the One (M8) will offer some decent upgrades as compared to the previous generation One. But One vs. One aside, we are curious to see how the One (M8) will stack up against the other recently announced flagship — the Samsung Galaxy S5. Not to mention, aside from a spec to spec war, it should be interesting to see which of these devices is available for purchase first.

Again, the live stream kicks off at 11AM EST, and we are hoping all the answers will be revealed. By that we are talking hardware and software specifics, as well as details in terms of carrier availability. Lastly, make sure to keep an eye on our HTC One tag to follow the One (M8) coverage through the day.