HTC and Google have brought the One (M8) to the Play Store. Currently live, the HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition is ready for viewing. If you’re ready to uy, you might want to cool your heels a bit; it’s not available for purchase, and costs a bit more than expected.

We will first say the listing isn’t on the front page of the “Devices” section of the Play Store, but that’s likely becuaase it isn’t ready for purchase yet. The device only says “Coming Soon”, with no hint of what will be on offer. We’d likely think only one variant will be avaialble though, considering the singular price listed.

The HTC One (M8) GPE will run you $699, too. That’s a $100 markup from last year’s One on launch, and puts the new One at a full $200 premium over the 2013 model as it sits. We like having the GPE model available so quickly, but wow — that price.

The HTC One looks to be a great phone, but are you ready to drop $699 on it? The Nexus 5 still holds a much lower price tag, even when topped out on memory. At a full $300 cheaper, the Nexus 5 is starting to look a lot more attractive.