And the rollout for the Android 4.4.4 keeps on coming! This time around, owners of the flagship HTC One M8 Google Play edition are the happy recipients of the OTA update to the latest version of KitKat. Reports are also saying that the updates for the GPE version of the previous flagship HTC One M7 are also slowly pushing out.

Just like our previous reports on the rollout for the GPE versions of the LG G Pad and the Moto G, don’t expect any bells and whistles with this surprise update. It’s really more of a under the hood kind of fix, focusing on fixing the bugs and enhancing the security performance of your device. As promised though, the GPe versions of these gadgets are among the first to receive OTA updates, along with the Nexus devices.

At this point, when the 4.4.4 updates are still slowly rolling out, it’s not really clear why there was a need for a new update, so soon after the 4.4.3 was announced to a little bit of fanfare. As we said, the focus of the update is more of a security fix, since the previous version had a few changes in its features, specifically a new look for its dialler.

There are still no reports as to the schedule of the rollout for the rest of the Android devices, but expect it to happen in the next few weeks. You really shouldn’t be all that excited about it, although getting the update should of course give you the assurance that your phone or tablet is running on the latest firmware from Google.

VIA: Android Central