Hot on the heels of HTC’s latest flagship receiving CyanogenMod 11 nightly builds, the HTC One M8 is now also getting Paranoid Android as well. While these builds are presented as official builds for Paranoid Android 4.x, it should still be considered as unstable versions for the purpose of testing.

Paranoid Android has recently gone through a bit of soul-searching just in time for a switch to a major Android version. They have promised to do things in a more Google-y way, rethink their features, stay closer to AOSP, but still deliver value to their users. As we have seen in our previous Paranoid Android coverage, the developer team has indeed been trying to deliver on those promises. And now, owners of the shiny new HTC One M8 can now also see that for themselves.

In particular, users might be interested in two new features arriving with Paranoid Android 4. Peek notifications take a cue from the Moto X Active Display and try to deliver notifications in the most timely and energy efficient manner, though it works best with devices bearing OLED displays. The new Hover notifications, on the other hand, leap into action when your smartphone is already unlocked. It replaces the previous Halo floating circle as a less intrusive but equally powerful multi-tasking notification system.

HTC One M8 owners should be warned that flashing Paranoid Android, or any custom ROM for that matter, automatically voids the device’s warranty. Those still interested in going through with the process should first unlock their device’s bootloader and install a custom recovery. Once done, all they need to do is flash the ZIP file from the download link below, and maybe the appropriate. gapps file for Google Play Services. The build is clearly marked as a test build so bugs and issues are to be expected.

Download: Paranoid Android