Those with a penchant for shiny and expensive things can now get their cravings satisfied. Goldgenie has announced new editions of the HTC One M8 in three luxurious color options of Gold, Platinum, and Rose Gold.

Goldgenie has been granting the wishes of gold lovers by releasing gold encased versions of smartphones even when their manufacturers would not. We’ve seen it before with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One (M7), so it is unsurprising to see it once again with HTC latest darling.

Inside, these luxury editions don’t differ from other HTC One M8 versions out in the market. It does only come with the 16 GB storage option, though that is probably the least of buyers’ worries when it comes to these kinds of devices. Goldgenie is including Clear-Coat full body protection into the deal though, which comes with a no questions asked lifetime replacement guarantee, for peace of mind, at least against light scratches and the like.

Naturally, these will cost you a fortune, to the tune of $2,695.95 to be exact. These HTC One M8 devices do come SIM free and unlocked so you can flaunt them anywhere you like, on any carrier you choose. It also comes with a Cherry Oak finish box so that the HTC One M8’s home looks just as classy as the smartphone itself.

SOURCE: Goldgenie