We should have seen it coming. After all, last year’s HTC One was treated the same way. Now HTC is bringing out an HTC One M8 variant for Europe that has one and only one difference: it has two SIM slots. Actually there is a second difference. It is unnecessarily more expensive.

In all other aspects, the HTC One M8 Dual SIM is exactly the same HTC One M8 Single SIM. Given that the original has truly impressed us, that’s not exactly a bad thing. Sure, you don’t get the LG G3’s QHD screen, but you do get a smaller 5-inch 1080p one. The specs are also definitely decent for a 2014 flagship, and the tricks that HTC pulled, like the Duo Camera and even Sense 6.0 itself are nothing to pan. And of course, the metal build makes it a pleasure to hold and look at.

HTC has used that same design, except for the duo camera, for the HTC One mini 2, though not in its entirety, so we’ll take what we can get with an exact replica of the HTC One M8 on this dual SIM variant. The change might not make much sense in the US, but in Germany, where it was just announced, and in other European markets like Russia, that feature is commonplace.

Unfortunately, it might not be something that those would-be buyers can easily afford. This model will sell for €799, which feels like buying one and a half HTC One M8 since the latter has a price tag of around €570 in that region. The color options will also be limited, available in that eye-catching gunmetal gray only.

VIA: phoneArena


    • Wow. When directly converted, more than a hundred dollar difference for an extra SIM slot. Crazy …

  1. People that travel a lot for business or live between countries will happily pay for this – it saves time and creates availability to friends, family, prospects, customers and teams.


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