When HTC Launched the One last year, one of the neatest features was the case selection. With today’s launch of the HTC One (M8), the case selection is equally as impressive. We’ll get a few favorites from last year, as well as a new case we like for it’s tech, as well as its retro feel.

The HTC One (M8) is getting the flip case we loved from last year’s One. A premium hard shell case, the HTC One (M8)’s flip case does exactly what it’s supposed to — protect the entire device, screen to aluminum body. If a flip cover doesn’t entice you, there is also the mix-and-match double dip case, with its interchangeable pieces and endless personality.

The HTC Dot View is the real attention getter, here. The device gives a series of readouts based on your notifications, but does so in a pretty endearing way. We’ll get a sparse dot-matrix-esque screen that shows us who’s calling, who’s messagin, or what calendar event we need to get to. Dot View is like the flip case in that it’s a full front-to-back offering, witht he dot readout on the front panel (protecting the screen). HTC also says no additional power source or battery is needed, though we don’t quite know how this will drain the battery on your device just yet.

If you’re a fan of cases, HTC has you covered — literally. All three official offerings from HTC are either welcome ports form last year, or a fresh design we like quit a bit. The Dot View case has a pretty low-tech readout, but we kind of like that. It gives the cutting edge device a retro feel we enjoy.