The 2014 edition of the HTC One will be unveiled tomorrow, March 25th, however it looks like the leaks are going to continue right up through the last minute. We are still hoping HTC has some surprises for the announcement, but it seems we have been getting a pretty good picture of what should be expected.

We can put the thought of surprises to the side for the moment because for now, it seems the HTC One (M8) has been captured on video yet again. This latest video is in German, which does mean it will not be as easily understood by those not able to speak German. Still, watching the video does give a good look at the handset.

Not to mention, a look at how some of the software features will work — including a bit about the dual camera setup. Aside from the bit about this video being in German — it gives a pretty in-depth look at the HTC One (M8). To clarify that, the still unannounced HTC One (M8).

Having said that, if you are at all interested in seeing the video you may want to set aside those 14 minutes sooner rather than later as this seems a prime target for takedown. Of course, with all the previous leaks having already happened, HTC may just well give this one a pass. Either way, the official announcement is set for tomorrow and we can finally put these rumors and leaks to rest.

Thanks for the numerous tips on this one, keep them coming.