HTC has released the Android 4.3 kernel source code and other goodies for the Google Play edition of the One. The files, of which there are two have recently appeared on the HTCdev website. Those files include the Framework Support Files and Stock UI, which are sitting with notes about how these are kernel version 3.4.10.

Otherwise, these are both software version 3.06.1700.10 and sitting at 164MB and 99.7MB in size for the framework support files and stock UI files respectively. Those looking for the Android 4.2 comparison will find the kernel version has remained the same and the software version has increased from 2.14.1700.15.

That said, the disappointing part about all this is the HTC One Google Play edition is still sporting Android 4.2.2. Looking towards the positive side and the appearance of these files does suggest an update should be coming sooner rather than later. If nothing else, this just goes to prove that while stock, these Google Play edition handsets aren’t quite Nexus material.

Not that we suspect this will make many HTC One Google Play edition owners that much happier, but you are currently ahead and will likely remain ahead of those who picked up a carrier branded version of the One. Plus, the Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition handset has also yet to be updated to version 4.3. While we hope updates will arrive for both in the near future, officially speaking we have yet to hear anything from HTC, Samsung or Google.