Just last week we had been hearing about how the HTC One was going to be coming available with Verizon Wireless. The chatter was suggesting that Verizon was going to launch the One, but that they were going to do it about a month after the other carriers. Well, based on what we are seeing from the HTC USA Twitter account, the One may not be coming to Big Red after all.

The tweets, of which there have been two discovered, one has since disappeared. The first tweet was spotted by the LA Times and read rather simply. HTC had said the “One will not be available on the Verizon network.” Nothing to misunderstand with that. That same message ended with a push to a current Verizon handset, the Droid DNA. Certainly a decent option, but not necessarily the same as the One.

Anyway, while that tweet has since gone away, the second has remained. This one actually came as a reply to another users question. This was also rather clear in saying that they are “not bringing it to Verizon.” The interesting part, or the part that leaves some room for speculation said that if they hear differently “we’ll let you know.” Basically, while this is a no for the One on Verizon, it still leaves the door open for a possibility.

Otherwise, touching back on that story from last week. This actually came from one of our sources. This story was also independently confirmed by AllThingsD. Basically, what we had been told was that the HTC One would land with Verizon Wireless a month or two after the initial US launch by AT&T and T-Mobile. This would certainly be good for HTC as it would place the One with all four major US carriers, just like the GALAXY S 4.

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