It’s been almost two weeks since the developer edition of HTC’s new One smartphone started shipping, and now we have full access to the developer RUU for the U.S. based HTC One. This means for the thousands of developers out there looking to dive into the handset, you’ll be able to do so with complete ease.

HTC actually made the files completely open and available for download this weekend, and since then developers have already started digging in and enjoying the newest software from the company. Now all you tinkerers and hackers have a way to restore the device should you push the wrong button and cause some mayhem.

While we’ve recently learned the HTC One can be unlocked using HTCDev, for now, the developer edition comes completely unlocked for those modders to do as they please, so this will help things out. We recommend that you don’t try flashing this on your retail One, that probably wouldn’t end well.

For those wondering, the RUU released by HTC allows developers to dive in knee deep in anything they’d like, and will always have a safe and easy way back to stock. They’ll be able to develop for the phone with ease, then return to a clean out of the box state in a matter of minutes. Remember though, flashing the RUU completely wipes everything, so back up anything of importance. Get the files from the link below.

[via HTCDev]

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