Probably giving the HTC One its last hoorah, HTC has unveiled a way for users to customize the colors of their double dip cases. This should partly put an end to any envy that HTC One owners might have over the variety of options available in Motorola‘s Moto Maker.

Of course, this isn’t exactly like the Moto Maker as you will be customizing the colors of an accessory and not the smartphone’s body itself. You also won’t have the same number of options available apart from choosing the top, body, and bottom colors. But it might still be a welcome option for those who want added protection but don’t have a taste for HTC’s default double dip case offering.

Even then, you only have limited color options, a total of six, including Glacier Gray, Neon Lemon, Atlantis, Bright Peach, Navy Blazer, and Pastel Blue. But if those limitations don’t bother you one bit, then you can let your imagination go wild with any color combination. Make it as simple as possible with a single color for everything or as eye catching as you want with clashing hues. Interestingly, the exact shade of colors used in the original double dip don’t seem to be available.


The good news is that these custom double dip cases won’t cost more than the premade ones. Once you’ve tweaked out the colors to your heart’s content, simply click on the button and be prepared to shell out the same $29.99 for it.

VIA: Android Central