Excited for the new HTC One? The updated flagship is set to launch March 25th, and now we know the exact second it will drop. HTC has created a website showing a countdown timer to the new One, with a clock ticking away down to the very second.

We can see from the timer that the new HTC One will launch on March 25th at 8am PST, 11am EST. The header simply states “The Best Is About To Get Better”, with no mention of the device by name. At this point, they don’t need to tell us the name — we all know it’s a new HTC One.

If you want to see all the chatter surrounding the new One, HTC has also put a Twitter feed below the countdown timer showing every tweet in which HTC is tagged or mentioned. It’s kind of like a mini social platform, centered around a smartphone. Weird, but also kind of cool.

In a bit of a change from previous HTC launches, the new One will be open to everyone. The countdown site will launch a livestream of the event once time runs out HTC tells us, so be sure to bookmark the site (below) if you’re interested to see the device the second it hits. We’re pretty excited, if for no other reason than to officially have the device out and about. Leaks get exhausting!

Source: HTC