If you have an HTC One, or will be snatching up a One Max, there could be a surprise waiting for you. With the update to Sense 5.5, users may have the option for free Google Drive storage. Via Blinkfeed, HTC users may get a little notification of free storage.

This comes to us via Android Police and a tipster, but it’s great news for cloud storage fans if true. Obviously, Google is making a push to have their cloud storage option a go-to for mobile device users, and offering free storage is a great way to get people on-board. It’s like the days of fighting for an extra 500MB of Dropbox storage except without all the hassle.

It sounds like Google is doling out 25GB of free space, but be careful: Blinkfeed may tell you that you’ve got more. Reports suggest your Blinkfeed is saying 40GB free, which is technically true: you get 15GB free for just using Drive, and 25GB free for using your One or One Max.

The drawbacks are that this offer isn’t available to the developer edition, or really any HTC One device that has an unlocked bootloader. There is also no word on the One mini, and whether it qualifies for the deal. The offer is also only good on one account per device. Since you have until January 1, 2016 to redeem, you might be able to piggyback the storage if you hang onto multiple devices that long.