The first taste of the new HTC One is here. Though we don’t have it in-hand just yet, a system dump over the weekend has shown us signs of life for the newest flagship from HTC. The system wallpapers are now available, and ready for download.

We’ve got them below for you to check out, or you can download them from MediaFire. Fortunately, they’re decent wallpapers — tons of landscape and fauna to choose from, here. they’re also pretty pixel dense, leading us to believe the newest One will have a fabulous screen.

For stock wallpaper, these are actually really nice. There are lots of subtle nuance to them, and the color palette is fairly subdued. The dandelion picture has a lot of very subtle colors, so it will be interesting to see just how well the new One reproduces them. Of course, there are also the normal abstract shapes an stripes, if you’re into that instead.

If you’re viewing this via mobile, go ahead and check out the selection below. It will give you an idea of how it looks on your device, and maybe if you want to take the plunge on the new One. We like what we see, and we’re hoping these cool wallpapers mean we’re getting a great new One.

Thanks, Dean!