Plenty of the recent HTC One (2014) leaks have been focused on the dual-camera setup. The thing is, while there has been some speculation and guessing, we have yet to see anything solid in term of how the camera setup would work. We have to remember this latest bit is courtesy of a leak, however having said that — a Telstra advertisement mentioned the “Duo Camera” for the HTC One (M8).

First things first though, this Telstra advertisement mentioned the 5-inch Full HD display. Also noting the display is scratch resistant. It also teased how the handset will deliver “unparalleled sound quality that is clear, balanced and powerful.” Naturally, that plays to the front-facing speakers and BoomSound.


Shifting focus to the Duo Camera and here we see teasing about how this means you will be able to “capture professional photos with more depth.” Further details on the Duo Camera setup brings mention of vivid images in low light settings, the ability to choose your focus point, and also “highlight what you may love, soften backgrounds and add 3D effects.” There was also mention of being able to “professionally edit memories after you’ve taken he shot.”

While rich with some details, this Telstra advertisement didn’t offer a full, or even partial set of specs. The other bit of information was in regards to Sense 6.0, which ultimately came more as a teaser than anything of solid detail. HTC Sense 6.0 is described as being able to simplify your smartphone experience with features such as double tap to wake and swiping to access favorite apps.

We do have to remember that pricing will often vary from market to market, but, the HTC One (M8) was listed as being $840. And to clarify here, this Telstra ad had the handset listed as the HTC One (M8). Bottom line here, the leaks continue and we are looking forward to the official announcement coming later this month.