Stuck between an HTC One (M8) and last years’ model? Both are nice, and the camera is the same on either. The updated One (M8) might be a bit faster, but the One from 2013 is no slouch. If your bottom line is cost, we’ve taken pricing from the HTC site to make it easier to compare.

Below, you’ll find a chart detailing all the pricing via each carrier, which we culled form the HTC site. We’ve included the cost listed for signing a two-year agreement as well as what the device will run you off contract. Though signing a two year agreement might limit your out-of-pocket cost for the device, we suggest you not do that unless it’s a necessity.

The price difference is similar across the board, with the contracted price for the One (M8) being about $150 more with Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. Of course, T-Mobile no longer plays the contracted subsidy game, so their scheme will run you about $26.50/month for 24 months. That breakdown brings their pricing to roughly $636 for the newest from HTC, which could be a good deal lower than the competition.


If you’re looking to buy the device outright, T-Mobile is your best bet at the aforementioned $636. Verizon tips the scales at $749, but is still behind Sprint’s whopping $799, according to HTC. Oddly enough, HTC lists both the One (M8) and One 2013 version as being $699.99 off contract with AT&T. We were able to find different pricing via carrier websites, so be sure to check before you buy from HTC directly.

While some of the pricing might be cheaper via carriers, some might not. HTC lists the One (2013 version) as requiring a $49.99 (or even zero) down payment via AT&T, while the AT&T site asks for $199.99 for the 32GB model, and as much as $299.99 for the 64GB variant. The One (M8) is listed as $199.99 from AT&T directly.

Source: HTC