If you’re eligible for an upgrade and have been eyeing some of HTC‘s recent offerings, like the HTC One X for instance, you might be excited to hear that the company has launched its own trade-in program. HTC is rewarding those who purchase one of their smartphones by offering up to $300 for their old clunker.

They’re calling it the HTC Trade Up program, and you can get your potential $300 by first purchasing a new HTC phone and then sending in your old phone to HTC. They’ll inspect it and give you your quoted amount if you described your device correctly. The only downside is that you have to buy an HTC phone first before you can get the cash — you can’t use the money from your old phone towards a new HTC device.

Either way, HTC makes it easy to get a quote for your old phone, which might make biting the bullet for a new HTC phone just that more enticing. For instance, HTC will give you $150 dollars for a fully-functional Verizon Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx and $290 for a 32GB Verizon Galaxy S III. HTC’s One X is only $99, so you’ll easily have a handful of cash left over once the deal is done.

A lot of manufacturers and carriers have similar trade-in programs, including Verizon and Samsung. And while HTC won’t let you use the money from your old phone towards one of their new ones, a max of $300 isn’t too bad of an offer if you ask me.

[via Droid Life]