The new-look mobile device landscape is a little trickier than what we’re used to. What was once so simple has given way to pay-per-month phone subsidies and early termination schemes. Shared data is the new normal, leaving many holding onto old phones for fear of losing out on their unlimited data.

If you’re a holdout, or just want a new device but can’t afford it, there are options. Motorola is into the financing game, and now HTC is getting their beak wet, too. They’re offering a financing plan for the 32GB One, which normally runs $600 off contract. Financing terms are as low as $25/month, too.

Not bad, and a great option for those who don’t want to upgrade via the carrier for fear of losing a great plan. This is for the GSM version, which works on AT&T or T-Mobile. So, if you are one of the old-school unlimited data iPhone holdouts on AT&T, here’s your new phone! The One is easily one of the best Android phones of 2013, and still holds up well against the competition.

This is a great option for prepaid customers, or those looking to go that route. It’s also a tidy way to upgrade without having to drop a chunk of chafe upfront. We find this a happy medium: you don’t break the bank, and you get a new device! For what it’s worth, you pay for any device like this, so you’re really just giving your money straight to HTC. Everybody wins in this scenario.