T-Mobile’s Project Emerald is still something of a sore subject for a few people out there. Sore, because we still have absolutely no idea what it is. Sure, there’s plenty of speculation. Ranging from a new myTouch 3G, to something more akin to a powerhouse like the HTC Glacier, there’s no quiet amidst this front. And, it’s about to get a lot louder. According to a trusted source speaking with Phandroid, apparently Project Emerald isn’t going to focus on one device, after all.

The source says that T-Mobile is actually going to launch a pair of 3.5G devices, accessing the fourth largest wireless carrier’s HSPA+ network. The source goes on to say that the two devices will be the HTC myTouch HD and the HTC G1 Blaze. The images here are of previously named devices, called the HTC Desire HD (above) and the HTC Vision (below). But, the devices will get the name changes before their launch on the magenta network, some time later this year.

The devices will have a “secret launch.” Apparently, T-Mobile doesn’t want people to know that they’re launching their first ever HSPA+ devices. At least, not right off the bat. Apparently, Android representatives are leaving T-Mobile stores to get some specialized training on the devices, which are supposed to launch on September 22nd and 29th. No word on which device will be launched on the date, though.

We’ll count this as a rumor for now, just like everything else. T-Mobile’s got a good thing going here with their Project Emerald, with plenty of speculation fueling the rumor mill to a ridiculous point. If the device are launching next month, here in the next few weeks we should expect something a bit more official — whether it’s leaked or not. So, stay tuned.

[via Phandroid]