When Apple (Macintosh back then) came out with their iconic 1984 commercial, they were mocking the establishment and the idea of conforming. Now decades later, they are the ones being described as trying to get people to conform to a certain lifestyle, and with the newest ad from HTC for their new One A9, they are even being mocked too. The kinda ironic thing about it though is that this new smartphone from HTC has been described as identical to the iPhone 6 but of course running on the Android platform.

The ad shows a young man parkouring his way through several scenes where there are a lot of robotic-moving people, which already brings to mind that old Apple/Macintosh ad. But what gives their “let’s mock Apple” game away is the fact that there were boring, white apples arranged on a table which he then proceeds to kick down on his way out to freedom. Not too subtle eh?

But of course it’s not just making fun of Apple, but it also highlights several key features of the HTC One A9, like its all-metal design, a 24-bit BoomSound audio, optical image stabilization and RAW image capture for the budding mobile photographers out there. They also boast of the fact that this device comes with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

So if you have been wanting to shift to Android but like the Apple design more, the HTC One A9 may be a good bridge phone for you. That is, if you can get past their seeming disdain for Apple and conformity.

VIA: Android and Me