One of the questions we’ve been most asked about the HTC Magic is regarding its camera quality.  HTC used the same 3.2-megapixel sensor as in the T-Mobile G1, albeit with some software refinement, so that means it’s the same autofocus unit with no flash.  As promised, we’ve got some sample photos taken with the HTC Magic; none of them have been edited or processed, they’re straight off the smartphone.  Click to see each picture full-sized.

Quality seems decent, and the autofocus is quicker than on the G1 and on other, older HTC devices from their Windows Mobile range.  Color balance loses some vibrancy – the pink lining to the cupcake box, for instance, has lost much of its vivid brightness – and there’s a slight blue tint to the white buildings in the photo below.


Photo above has had the car numberplate blanked, but no other editing

As for the video, that’s in raw 3GPP format taken straight off of the Magic.  You’ll need a media player like Apple’s Quicktime or the VLC player to view the file.  You can download it from here (773kb).  The audio is very quiet; bear in mind I was holding the Magic and talking at a little louder than normal speaking level.