HTC’s much anticipated followup to their flagship One has reportedly been leaked in photos again. It coincides with other photos we’ve seen here and there, but we’ve still not seen anything confirming it’s the next One. Expected at MWC in a few weeks, we’ll look to this as a reference for what we might get a look at.

Though it looks strikingly similar to the One, The yet-to-be-officially-named M8 offers a few differences, should that be it pictured below. Between the top speaker grill and camera is a cutout, which may be for a notification light. It could also be a front-facing flash, should the camera on the front prove to be robust enough to warrant one.

The picture also looks like the device is housed in some sort of case, leading us to think it could be an official case, like th ones available at launch of the One. This one, however, looks to have a cover as well. The blue on the left of the screen seems to be a continuation of the rear case, though we don’t get much of a look at it. We’d like to think it’s a smartcover, like we see with LG and Samsung devices. It could just be their Double Dip Flip case for the new device, though.

Unfortunately, we have no reference point for the new device, so we can’t tell if it’s got a larger display as some think it might. We’ll be on the ground at MWC, so if this one makes its debut, we’ll be sure to have it for you. We just hope this one is enough to bring HTC back to prominence, rather than continue their downward trend.


VIA: Ubergizmo