Far from the first, and likely not the last — it seems another round of HTC M8 images have surfaced. These latest, of which there are two, show the front and back of the handset. This time around the image of the front is on the blurry side, but we can still glimpse what appears to be a thin bezel. Not to mention the dual-speaker setup similar to the currently available HTC One.

The image of the back is offering another look at the dual-camera setup. There isn’t anything in terms of specs with these images, however there isn’t much room for doubt — the handset has a dual-camera setup with a flash sitting toward the left of the lower lens. One interesting aspect with this round of images is the finish.


The handset appears to be rather bright and shiny. Almost polished aluminum. Of course, some of that shine could be with the image, as opposed to the actual handset. It also appears as if the plastic trim is black, or dark gray in color. Otherwise, these images seem to have the handset sitting with the expected HTC branding, both on the front and back.

For now the handset is still being referred to under the codename of M8. Some of the other possibilities that have been mentioned include the One Plus, and the One 2. Regardless of the final name, it does appear as if these leaked images are beginning to increase in frequency. We would like to see HTC offer something during Mobile World Congress, but more realistically, it is looking like the M8 will get an official unveil in March.