We’ve got a gigantic smartphone right here and it goes by the name HTC Inspire 4G. This is an AT&T branded phone, running on their HSPA+ network for speed, with a lovely soft plastic exterior for comfort in the hand. It’s got a generously fabulous 8 megapixel camera on the back and a single button for power on the top, with a volume dongle on the left. These are the only buttons, making this a rather minimalistic bit of hardware.

Instead of a single big panel on the back under which the batter and card are place, there’s two panels which are impressively difficult to remove. They’re not TOO difficult to remove, however, one of the panels on the right side of the back for the battery while the other’s along the bottom for the microSD card as well as the SIM. The touchscreen on the front is bigger than the entire world, bordering on small tablet size. At 4.3-inches, this is above the breaking point most hardware companies have decided is between tablet and smartphone.

Once you activate the phone, you marvel in the majesty of the display. If you’ve only ever had even a 3.5-inch screen before, this one will blow your face away. If you’re switching over from an iOS device, your face will be blown away. If your face is blown away, collect the pieces and put them back one with a face-reconstructor app because you’re going to enjoy the heck out of this phone from start to finish.

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If however you feel like a medium size phone is the correct size, fitting fine right in the palm of your hand, this one might be too gigantic for you. If however you’ll looking for the greatest entertainment device you’ve ever held in your hand that also sends and receives calls fairly well, you’ve got the speedy phone you want right here. Speakers are nice, flash is nice, camera is amazing, and the form factor is amazing. Except for the back, as it’s rather silly looking. On the other hand it feels really great whilst being used, and that tradeoff is up to you.

Take a peek at the images above and below to have a super close-in look at the outside, then wait until tomorrow for the full review. Everything you’d ever like to know about this phone in regards to how much you’ll be willing to pay for it, that’s in the review. It’s going to be a hoot!

And just so you know, the little fellows you see helping me out holding the phone up and gathering around it are the official Android toys we’ve come to love in recent months, now on their second series (when I write up this post.) In fact, we love them so much that we’re giving a couple of them away for free here on Android Community! Check it out in the featured section above.


    • This phone does look mightily like a Desire HD doesn’t it? Although it appears to have a second microphone on the back, next to the flash and camera. If that’s what the hole is there, it’s a shame that the Desire HD doesn’t have this for noise cancellation too 🙁


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