As many of you know, a couple of shots were leaked yesterday of an upcoming HTC device. Everyone was excited as sites such as Engadget, Gizmodo, CrunchGear, Android Central and our own SlashGear got “leaked” a bezel image and then an additional image of the device – but not the whole device, of course.

The collection of shots pointed to this device being the HTC Mecha, Verizon’s upcoming LTE 4G handset which is expected to debut at CES in two weeks.

But obviously, as many could tell, these weren’t your average tipster leaked shots. We’re used to blurry cams, bad angles, full shots, but with these set of leaks it was different. The images were almost perfect quality and definitely perfectly concealing.

Very interesting way to build hype, it sure worked. The device looks great and all but next time, HTC please just send everyone the same batch of shots, it’s like you were trying too hard.